Retirement Planned Well.

We help individuals over age 50 plan for a happy retirement.

Social Security

Your social security plan should consider your other sources of income in retirement, your health, your level of financial security, and your overall financial plan.

Medicare Made Easy

If you are looking for an expert in Medicare Insurance, you are in the right place. We help our clients simplify the complicated maze of Medicare Insurance options and choices.

Income for Life

You have worked hard to earn your money, and now you want it to earn retirement income for you. We offer a variety of portfolio and wealth management options to help pursue your goals.

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It is our goal to be your trusted partner. Let us show you what our process can do for you.

As you navigate each transition in your personal journey, it’s important to have a trusted financial advisor when it comes to your financial plan. We aim to earn your trust and respect through transparency and accountability, and we use cutting-edge financial tools and technology to give you this insight. 

We offer a variety of wealth management services in order to best suit your needs.

Stewart MacDonald

ChFC, Chartered Financial Consultant



Knowledgeable and Experienced

Obtaining Medicare coverage can be confusing. There are multiple deadlines to meet and a variety of options that can be difficult to understand.

We know that each person has different Medicare needs, which is why we’re committed to helping you make the best choices to fit your lifestyle and current needs.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

After decades of saving and preparing for retirement, you want to put your money to use in the most strategic way possible.

One of the most complex and important retirement decisions you’ll make is your strategy for claiming social security. Speak with a knowledgeable social security advisor to create a holistic plan that can help you to avoid expensive mistakes.

Our expertise is helping people understand this process.

Wealth Management

Your success evolves with successful transitions through your business, family and personal lives. No matter where you are at any given moment, your journey forward should never end. You progress by moving from one reality to the next. When complex finances become overly complicated, Wealth Management brings order to chaos.



A dive into the retirement system in America and the issues surrounding it, with opinions from some of America’s foremost economic minds.

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