Wealth Management

Our holistic financial philosophy goes beyond just investments; it’s a road map that puts you on target towards achieving your goals and dreams.

We accomplish this by evaluating your whole financial picture and formulating strategies tailored to your unique needs, assets, and investment horizon. We take the pain and guesswork out of retirement planning so you can sit back with confidence!

Portfolio Management

No matter your level of income or investable assets, whether you’re a millionaire or not, or whether you have begun funding your retirement accounts or not, you can benefit from portfolio management.

When you choose MacDonald Financial, we establish a complete panorama of your financial situation before diving into a plan that strives to grow your wealth. We will analyze your assets in-depth, determine the amount of risk you’re comfortable with, establish realistic goals, and more.

The process of portfolio management and choosing the right investments is extremely individualized – our goal is to help you make the right decisions. Creating a strong investment portfolio integrates well with wealth planning and estate planning.

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