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Traditional Retirement Planning focuses on saving enough money to reach a specific “Number” that is enough to live on in retirement. However, as millions of people reach retirement they are faced with the significant challenge of what to do with the money accumulated. Many factors have to be considered.

How much income do you need each month? What about inflation, tax planning, and healthcare? Retirement income planning is part art and science. We can help create an income strategy that holistically incorporates an optimized social security plan, a Medicare plan that you feel comfortable with, tax planning and portfolio management.

We offer our securities through LPL Financial, Member of FINRA/SIPC. MacDonald Financial is a separate entity from LPL Financial. We can work only with those who are residents of Florida. We work with anyone in the state.

Your retirement nest egg should be viewed as an asset not a source of stress. Let us help you create your “retirement paycheck”. Our goal is to help you plan for a happy retirement.

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